Daniel Jaspersen Magician@Play

“Magic is serious, not necessarily solemn, but definitely serious.” - Derren Brown, World-Renowned Magician 

A contemporary throwback to classic conjuring – You won’t see Dan wearing a clown nose or cheesy tie, but you will experience the product of years of studying, practicing and performing. You’ll see (or not see, as it were) high-end sleight of hand, and intimate pieces of magic happening in your guests' hands.  You’ll revisit classic plots reinvigorated to be relevant today mixed with the latest trends in the art. You will see a Magician@Play.

As stated above – Magic is a serious art form. You can package the magic in humor, solemnity or any other color you wish.  But, taken seriously by the artist, it is as powerful and moving as any piece of music or sculpture. Imagine selecting any playing card you wish. Clenching it tightly with both hands. You KNOW what you are holding. Without you feeling a thing - the magician turns over his card to reveal that he is now holding your card which was safely secure in your grasp. Imagine opening your white-knuckled hands to find his card. Imagine dropping your assumptions about the way it SHOULD be. Magic is afoot.  There's a Magician@Play.

“I grew up around magic shops and I have no idea how he did that.”  - Ryan the Bartender

Many people see magic as a cute pastime that is good for entertaining children.  In truth, kids are often the worst audience for magic. Rather it is adults who generally enjoy it the most.  Magic is not about fooling people; it is about helping you break the day-to-day mold that we all get stuck in. Helping you see and feel things not normally sensed.  Shaking off the dust covering the sense of wonder that’s buried under work and stress and to-do lists.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had real magic done for me before today.”Guest at a private party

People are naturally drawn to beauty. Magic can take many forms from mind reading to finding your signed playing card to simply making a coin vanish.  Dan makes a conscious decision to lean towards aesthetically beautiful magic.  Creating pictures in his guests' minds, building tension and focus, so that you don’t miss the moment, and then releasing that pressure with high-powered effects that kick you back in your seat.

Dan Jaspersen