Daniel Jaspersen Magician@Play


  • Built to Clients' Specifications
  • Highly Audience Interactive
  • Uniquely Impactful
  • Flexible Duration


  • Training Sessions
  • Marketing Messages
  • Master of Ceremonies

Proud Partner with
Global Ascension Productions

Custom-Built Presentations: Setting Your Message to Magic

Magician@Play has worked with many clients to create special presentations that fit exactly what they need. Daniel's unique background brings linguistics, marketing, education, international relations, experimental theater and public presentations to the table to work for you. So often, words go in one ear and out the other; however, magic is psychologically engineered to stick. Let Magician@Play sit down with your events team and colaborate to create the perfect method to communicate your message.

"Daniel has a unique ability to turn entertainment into transformation. His magic is more than just a way to intrigue his audiences. His magic is a philosophy, a medium for inspiring creative, critical thinking in audiences, something that is vitally needed in our businesses and schools."

- Jamie Utt, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Blur The Line

Originally prepared as a TED Talk for TEDxCSU, Daniel has expanded this discussion into a full-fledged workshop on the creative process. Asking the question, "What exactly are we humans capable of?" Daniel discusses how disruptive thinking can change the way you view the world. Daniel is a professional "mental hacker;" let him teach your group advanced memory techniques and other mental skills that has the potential to impact your company's bottom-line, your students' test scores or your own overall productivity.

"Daniel is so much more than a skillful entertainer, he is a professional storyteller who masterfully bonds emotion to information so it becomes memorable, resonate and actionable."

- Eric Thompson, C.E.O., Global Ascension Productions

Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies is one of the most critical pieces to the success of an event. They need the ability to engage the audience, communicate important information and move the program along without becoming the main focus themselves. Have Daniel's years of experience as a presenter and MC work for you.

"Daniel is requested year after year by several of my events and he always delivers a new, fresh and crowd-pleasing performance."

- Tula Event Productions for 4-H Western National Round-Up