Daniel Jaspersen Magician@Play

Beyond Reason Keeper of Secrets Mingling Wedding Banquet Presentations


  • Mentalism, Mind-Reading
  • Ideal for 100-1,000 people
  • Highly Audience Interactive
  • Run Time: 70 minutes


  • Formal Banquets
  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Keynote Entertainment

Beyond Reason: Tapping the Human Potential

Can a thought be planted in another person’s mind? Can cutting off one sense enhance another? Beyond Reason: Tapping the Human Potential is a bold journey into the mind that aims to explore the answers to these questions and more. Accomplished magician and mentalist Daniel Jaspersen drags you down the rabbit hole, inviting you into a world where thoughts are not safe, minds are open books and the impossible occurs before your eyes.

This main-stage mentalism show is great for medium-size to very large groups. Playing to any room, Daniel enraptures his audience with incredible feats of mind-reading and seemingly impossible physical abilities. The show, running approximately 70 minutes, works well as a stand-alone presentation or compliments a lineup of entertainment for the evening. Get your guests scratching their heads as Daniel performs Beyond Reason: Tapping the Human Potential!

"I could feel him in my mind. It was the weirdest feeling, and hard to explain, but it was really cool."
Student, Bethany Lutheran College