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Magician@Play Mission


Entertainment | Presentation | Training

The mission of Magician@Play is to provide the highest quality of live entertainment possible. Through relentless study, writing and application, we strive to push the art of performance forward and astonish our audiences with relevant, resonant and original magic. In addition to premium-grade performance, we provide exceptional pre- and post- event support for each client to best fit their entertainment and presentational needs.

"Highly recommended to anyone looking for a fantastic magician, mentalist and/or stage show for their next event."
- Fremont Motor Company

Dan's Profile

Daniel Jaspersen

Mentalist | Manipulator | Magician

Daniel Jaspersen was trained by a con artist. For real. In the course of that early training, Jaspersen swore to only use his powers for good. However, one thing remains true, you cannot trust Dan. Dan lies. Keep that in mind.
Thanks to his uniquely blended background in magic, linguistics, psychology, juggling, traditional and experimental theatre, Dan transcends the traditional definition of “magician.” His genuine passion and appreciation for creating powerful magic resonates with a variety of audiences, earning him standing ovations everywhere from international festivals in Japan and Brazil, to Fortune 500 companies, to Major Universities and various TEDx events.
It’s that same passion and appreciation that keep Dan in high demand. When he’s not inspiring a packed room’s worth of “How did he DO that?”-s and “WHOA!”-s, he’s leading workshops for professionals on the topics of the creative process and finding inspiration… oh, and waking up at four a.m., just for fun, to practice and refine new tricks. (A true magician’s work is never done, after all.)

"Dan shines through as a professional, engaging performer that has been a go-to source of quality entertainment."
- Colorado State University

Andi's Profile

Andi Jaspersen

Production Manager | Lovely Assistant

Andi brings a powerful skill-set to the table, owed to the dynamic combination of an education in visual communication and a professional background in live theatre, graphic design and event production. Growing up in the foothills of the Rockies, Andi is an avid adventurer and world traveler, and also enjoys artistic photography. Her stunning work has been featured in gallery showings in Japan, Hong Kong and the USA. Andi puts her keen eye, creative spirit, and excellent communication skills to work as she interacts with clients, sifting through all the details to make sure Magician@Play makes every event shine. Let Andi help you find the right solutions for your next event!

" It is never a challenge to work with Andi, she responds quickly, always has a great, can-do attitude, and is willing to find a workable solution to every event. I appreciate her eye for detail and professionalism when offering suggestions. It is a true pleasure to work with Andi. "
- Tula Event Productions