Daniel Jaspersen Magician@Play

Beyond Reason Keeper of Secrets Mingling Wedding Custom Presentations


  • Close-Up Magic & Mentalism
  • Great for all size groups
  • Highly Audience Interactive
  • Flexible Duration

    • Cocktail Hours
    • Weddings
    • Casual to Black-Tie

Mingling & Close-Up Magic

Bring the magic right to your guests’ fingertips. Mingling is the most flexible option when it comes to injecting magic into your event. Daniel will spend his time strolling among the guests, individually performing for them in small groups, breaking the ice and stimulating conversation throughout the evening. Mingling is perfect for nearly any group size, any length of time, and any room setup. Whether your event is a casual family get-together or a black-tie reception, Magician@Play adds a unique element to your event that your guests aren’t soon to forget!

"He added an element of entertainment that was fun, surprising and unique to an otherwise doldrum gathering."
- Cheyenne Radiology Group