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Congrats to Aiden Sinclair

June 17, 2015
Once upon a time … I was a hard working magician based in Cheyenne, WY. One day, I saw a poster for another magician’s show at a popular venue in town. Confused, curious and a little defensive, I contacted this magician to see if he wanted to meet for a drink. 

I remember that night very well. We met a brew pub on a freezing cold evening in February. We sat and swapped stories of shows that we’d done, books we’ve read and magicians we admired. Turned out, we had a lot in common. 
Later that spring and summer, he and I collaborated to develop my first stage show. The first time that I performed the show was at an event he had created. Over the course of the next couple of years, he and I along with two other magicians in Cheyenne started to meet as often as our schedules allowed. All four of us had very different styles and backgrounds. The ideas that flowed from those sessions where wild, lofty and ridiculous. It was the stuff of magic. 

Magic is a part of my family. My wife isn’t just the manager of our production schedule. She can keep up in a conversation on magic theory with anyone. These other magicians became part of my family. They would play with my boys and come over for dinner. We aren’t just fellow magicians, we have become brothers. We worked through the hard spots of life together. I know more about their personal lives, fears, hope and dreams than most people around them. 

Yesterday, Aiden Sinclair appeared on Americas Got Talent. Yesterday, I teared up as I watched a dear friend achieve a dream that he has been carrying and working towards since I’d met him. Yesterday, I was reminded of the late nights with cards, beers and laughs. I smiled so hard, I hurt my face. 

On the magic chosen
If you are a magician, and you saw Aiden’s performance, you likely recognized the trick that he performed. It’s a classic. It’s beautiful. 

Many magicians will be very critical of he performance. I believe it is a combination of a few things, they are jealous, they are arrogant and they have been wrapped into the mainstream thinking in magic. 

The current climate of magic is that everyone feels they need to create something “new” and “different.” Aiden and I have discussed this topic at length so many times. I have had that conversation with many other magicians too. Aiden is a master storyteller. He is a talented sleight-of-hand worker and a veteran performer. He has more chops than most. 

Frankly, I completely agreed with his selection of trick. At the end of the day, what matters is the impact on the audience. Let the audience decide if the trick was good or not. It was magical.  

From a satisfied client.

February 17, 2014

Feedback from an event

Dan recently wrote a blog post about how connecting with his client is important, and used me as an example because after I booked him, mid-performance, he gave me credit for the show. Immediately following his extraordinary performance, I couldn't even GET to him to thank him because people were so ecstatic about the show. On and on they went, and continue to do so via email, Facebook and phone. He blew minds, he captivated over 100 people all at the same time, and h...

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Make 'em look good

February 12, 2014

One of the basic functions of my job is to make the person who booked me look good.

After a recent show, I was chatting with the young woman who had booked me to perform for her event. The show was my full (60 minute) mindreading stage show. She had a grin pasted to face as I asked how she felt about the evening. It was hard to get a full answer out of her, because she was constantly being thanked for putting together such a fun evening.

During the performance, I had called her out by nam...

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We forget about the rain

February 6, 2014

Stop. Stop working. Stop worrying about your day. Stop thinking about what to make for dinner. Stop and enjoy the world for a moment. Please.

Because I work in magic, I am surrounded by secret methods, discussions about performance ideas and studies of crazy sleight of hand concepts. Its easy to forget about magic. You see, what I experience is dramatically different from what my audiences experience during a show. Sometimes I forget to make the magic real.

We all make this little mista...

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3 Creative tips with your smartphone

January 15, 2014

I (like many people) spend a lot of my time on the go. And also like most people, my trusty smartphone is almost always with me. I’ve had to learn to record my creative ideas while out and about. Here are a few ways to capture that muse before it slips away.

1) Talk to yourself while you’re driving? I do...a lot. Use the voice memo app to record all those genius ideas. I always label the voice memos as I start it. Then it’s all a free flowing conversation with the empty chair next ...

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A lesson from Michael Bay at #CES2014

January 9, 2014

Let Michael Bay’s flop at the Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2014) be a lesson to anyone who takes any stage. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now.

Here is the basic gist of the problem. Bay’s teleprompter failed on him. So, valiantly, he decided to try to wing it. He crashed and burned worse that any disaster he’s created on the big screen.

He was being asked to speak about his action scenes. His work. His style. He couldn’t deliver a simple message regarding his own artis...

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Dear Magicians, most of your stuff isn't magical

December 9, 2013

Deep down, people love magic. I’m not talking about kids. Adults love magic. Grown men and women, love magic. They do. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know it because they’ve not experienced the real deal.

There is a confusion of terms that is primarily the fault of “magicians” today. You see, simply being able to have a card selected, shuffled back into a deck and subsequently found in some seemingly impossible way DOES NOT equate to magic. (Nor does the linking of a couple of ...

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Dear Magicians, You're creepy.

December 6, 2013

I had a wonderful little gig recently for a very respectable organization. As the cocktail hour was winding down, my job was finished and I chatted with the woman who had booked me to perform. She was very complimentary regarding my style, professionalism and the quality of the magic. At one point she leaned a bit closer and lowered her voice as she gave me very real feedback about my profession.
She had shopped around and looked at several different magicians in this region. To use her word...

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When David Blaine speaks, America listens.

November 22, 2013

SPOILER ALERT :: If you have not seen the special David Blaine: Real or Magic, you should. I discuss a few moments in it below. 

America flocked to the television the evening of Tuesday, November 19, 2013. 7.6 million people tuned to watch David Blaine’s latest special “Real or Magic.” Since that evening, twitter, facebook and the rest of the internet has been buzzing about it, with good reason. David Blaine reminded us, magician and layman alike, what real magic should l...

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Magic is Beautiful (part 1)

November 21, 2013

From an artistic philosophy, I believe that good art mirrors nature. Artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, etc.) see the world through a unique lens. Sometimes that lens is very clean and clear, such as the works of Leonardo di Vinci. He studied nature, animals and humans and tried hard to recreate them as accurately as possible on the canvass. Others have a more prismatic, distorted lens. Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali gave us their worldview in twisted, bizarre, yet beautiful works....

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