I recently performed some magic at a very casual gathering of friends. There was a woman there who is in her early sixties and very (very) chatty. It's a good thing that I have the experience in performing that I do, because she did not play by 'the rules.' She would talk whenever she wanted, take the cards from my hands and shuffle them, watch from every which angle and generally be a magician's nightmare.
At the end of the trick, I still managed to find the right cards, fool the pants off of everyone and all was right with the world. People were laughing (myself included) and we were having a good time.

I saw this same woman a few days later. She came right up to me with a big grin and stated, "Dan, I have hated, HATED magic my entire life, but I could watch you 24/7."
I smiled back and said, "That's a very high compliment."