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Perceptions of Magic

Posted by djaspersen on Monday, January 28, 2013, In : Magic and the Magician 

How is Magic Perceived

One of the most important questions that a magician must ponder as they build their act and develop their style is, “How will this be perceived by the audience?”

As novice performers mature into working professionals, there is a threshold that must be crossed. At some point the magician needs to think about character and how they appear, what they convey and what artistic message they are trying to communicate to the masses.

It is my opinion that the d...

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Posted by djaspersen on Friday, January 25, 2013, In : Magic and the Magician 

“Well, you fooled me.”

I receive this comment quite often. Most of the time it is from middle-aged men, but it ranges all ages and backgrounds. In the moment, I take it as it’s intended - as a compliment. It is their way of saying, ‘Nice Work.’ or ‘I enjoyed your performance.’ It feels good to know that my audiences enjoy my work, and are fooled by it.

To be honest, this comment disheartens me a little. The ability to fool the audience's senses is a prerequisite for the c...

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Magic at a Wedding?

Posted by djaspersen on Thursday, January 3, 2013, In : Magic and the Magician 

Getting Married in 2013?


There is a lot to plan and prepare for the big day. Dress, Food, Venue, Entertainment, Tuxes, Entertainment and so much more.

Have you ever considered hiring a magician to entertain at your wedding reception? Magicians have a unique skill set that can bring people together and entertain for the whole evening. A well-versed magician can add an element of class and memorability to you event. At the end of the night most people won’t remember th...

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