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Tip of the iceberg: Palm-Reading

Posted by djaspersen on Monday, October 28, 2013, In : Stories from the Trenches 

I was sitting at a square kitchen table with a couple of young ladies (early 20’s) Saturday evening.

The event was a Halloween house party at which I’ve performed for several years in a row. About an hour earlier, all of the guests had gathered in the living room for a 20-minute performance of magic and mind reading. The rest of the evening, I did close-up magic at the kitchen table for small groups.

Upstairs, there was a psychic doing readings for the guests. Over the course of the ev...

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Slow Down

Posted by djaspersen on Friday, October 25, 2013, In : Magic and the Magician 

I was on a juggler’s website yesterday, and checked out his promo videos. I started as a juggler and still enjoy watching skilled manipulators work.

As I watched him, I was able to follow the majority of his tricks, because I’m a juggler. He was juggling so fast. Way too fast. It was hard to appreciate the skill involved with what he was doing. It reminded me of a comment that a very good friend of mine (a non-juggler) said to me several years ago. She said, “It all looks the same to ...

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Press Release: Keeper of Secrets

Posted by djaspersen on Monday, October 7, 2013, In : Press Release 


For Immediate Release


Magic comes to The Loveland Feed & Grain in October!

For the first time ever, The Loveland Feed & Grain will play host to an interactive magic show through a program called Arts @ The Feed & Grain. Arts @ The Feed & Grain is committed to bringing programs that support innovative art experiences of all disciplines working in the avant-garde.

Arts @ the Feed & Grain" is funded in part by ArtPlace America, a national creative placemaking progr...

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