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For those who don't like magic

Posted by djaspersen on Monday, September 16, 2013, In : Magic and the Magician 

Not everyone likes magic.

I happen to disagree.

A magician whose work I’ve studied for many years recently tweeted: “As wonderful as it is, not everyone likes magic. Try to only share your magic with people who enjoy it.”

I found the tweet a bit sad and misleading.

First, let me back up a little and clarify that I am a fan of this magician’s work. His was the very first lecture I attended. I’ve purchased his products and read and used much of his material over the last ten years. I ...

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Dealing with "magicians"

Posted by djaspersen on Monday, September 9, 2013, In : Stories from the Trenches 

This happens often: Mixed into a group at an event is a “magician.” This guest is easy to spot. Either he mentions his work with magic directly to me as I’m in the middle of a trick, or one of his friends pipes up and gives him away. That’s fine with me. Most of the time, however, a “magician” is the one who leans over to his buddy and whispers methods as an on-going play-by-play commentary of my work.

Before I go on, let me define what I mean by “magician.”

This is a person, g...

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