As I pulled onto the interstate ahead of traffic, I cranked the music, rolled up the windows and watched the fireworks explode in my rearview mirror. On my way from from a gig in Denver, I made some mental notes about a new piece of magic I’d experimented with - Spoon Bending.

Over the last four year, the elegant mangling of a fork has become one of my signature pieces of magic. I’ve done it for US Senators and Federal Judges all the way down to 5 year old kids. It works. It’s brilliant. It’s so good. It’s become a crutch to me. When I need to impress an audience, I almost always reach for a fork, but it’s so good that it has hindered my creative venturing.

At this July 3rd gig, I packed about 15 dinner spoons. I consciously walked away from the best piece of magic that I perform in the spirit of exploration. I jazzed my way through the evening testing different presentations and methods. Years of studying and performing various theories and style of mental bending came out to play. This bold, unscripted  approach forces me to be very present mentally and focus on the magic, rather than setting the auto-pilot.

The results were mixed. The audiences enjoyed the magic, but it didn’t quite have the same “pop” as my normal stuff did. Needs more research. I’ll be packing spoons again next week.