Daniel Jaspersen


Phone: 307-256-9416

Twitter: @MagicianAtPlay


What: Beyond Reason: Tapping the Human Potential a performance by Magician and Mentalist Daniel Jaspersen

When: Friday, August 10, 2012

Historic Atlas Theater, Downtown Cheyenne, WY 82001

Tickets: $10 on sale now. Proceeds benefit the Cheyenne Little Theater Players.

Ticket Information: 307-638-6543


Local Magician Daniel Jaspersen performs August 10.

Proceeds from Beyond Reason benefit the Cheyenne Little Theater Players

CHEYENNE - Local magician Daniel Jaspersen will perform “Beyond Reason: Tapping the Human Potential,” a non-traditional magic show on August 10


Can a thought be planted in another person’s mind? Can cutting off one sense enhance another? Beyond Reason: Tapping the Human Potential is a bold journey into the mind that aims to explore the answers to these questions… and more. Accomplished magician and mentalist Daniel Jaspersen drags you down the rabbit hole, inviting you into a world where thoughts are not safe, minds are open books and the impossible occurs before your eyes.

“This isn’t a traditional ‘magic’ show,” Jaspersen says. “It’s much deeper and far more personal than that. I don’t mess around with doves or walking through walls; I like working with people, information and thoughts.”

To create Beyond Reason, Jaspersen deftly combined legitimate skills in the realms of memory, suggestion and psychology with underground principles employed by legendary magicians and old-school psychics alike. Beyond Reason is an invitation to brush the dust off your imagination.


Proceeds from the performance benefit the Cheyenne Little Theater Players. Tickets cost $10 and are on sale now. 


About Daniel Jaspersen

Daniel Jaspersen is professional magician who has specialzed in mentalism for more than a decade. In addition to magic, he has been a guest lecturer for collegiate-level psychology courses and performed for TEDxCSU in Fort Collins, CO. His clients have included Colorado State University, The National 4-H Round-Up and the Wyoming Wildlife Heritage Foundation. Based on the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Jaspersen brings a smooth blend of deft magic, mind-blowing psychological feats and intelligent entertainment to his performances. Learn more about him at, Facebook Magician@Play and Twitter @MagicianAtPlay