In my work, I try not to make a massive leap into the obviously impossible. I don’t walk through walls, saw ladies in half or levitate elephants. I like to be at the very tip of what is possible and then dig around in the blurry area that is the unknown. What you will see in Beyond Reason is blend of very real techniques involving psychology, science and suggestion alongside more devious methods taken from magic, psychics and my own imagination. This is where blurry ambiguous area is where the truly amazing advances in science and technology happen.
Leonardo da Vinci called it Sfumato or the ability to work in the ambiguous. Often the best deceptions are rooted in truth with one critical piece changed. In this way, people can deceive themselves. By applying this to magic, I’m able to take very real, scientific concepts, alter them slightly and create the illusion that subterfuges the senses.
With the quiet goal of forcing people to question their sense, I run head-long into the foggy, blurry oddness. Enjoy.