At a close-up, mingling style performance, I will generally perform about 10 different tricks all night long. I simply do the same handful of tricks for everyone. This is a very common (smart and efficient) approach for a close-up performer. It doesn’t matter if the event is 1 hour or 4 hours long. I’ve been doing this for years.

As a result of this methodical approach to mingling, I’ve performed many of the tricks thousands and thousands of times over the last 10 years. I can do the moves in my sleep. In fact, I’ve done most of them with my eyes closed out of challenges from the audience.

Here is the real magic enters the game. If you think that those 10 tricks are the extend of my abilities in magic, you’re flat wrong. They are the tip of the iceberg. They represent the core routines that I feel best suit my character and style, but there is much more under the surface. This too is very common for the serious student of magic.

Behind the scenes, I am constantly studying, reading, researching and writing magic. This is the side of magic that is the most fun for me. I love digging into new and old books alike, hunting for little gems of knowledge. I read history, comedy, linguistics, theater, sports and study psychics and modern psychology. I watch performances on YouTube and talk shop with other magicians.

The effect of all of this studying is that there is much more under the surface of those 10 tricks. There are times when an audience requests a certain type of magic be performed. Other times, the topic of conversation has shifted in one direction or another. Having that deep, hard-core knowledge, and being able to reveal it at the right time can make you the stuff of legend.

I’ve said this before, any monkey could learn a few basic card-tricks, but making REAL MAGIC is a much different story.

Magician’s Take Away: Stay Thirsty. If you’re a serious student and performer of magic (OR HUMAN), you have to keep moving forward. I’ve come across magicians who are quite stagnant in their studies, and it shows. It shows if the sub-surface is rather hollow.
If you build that berg (German for Mountain) of knowledge, that also shows. The way that the tricks are presented reflects the depth of thought. You ability to hold conversations about magic (or any other topic) is affected by this unending thirst for knowledge.
Stay Thirsty My Friends.