I (like many people) spend a lot of my time on the go. And also like most people, my trusty smartphone is almost always with me. I’ve had to learn to record my creative ideas while out and about. Here are a few ways to capture that muse before it slips away.

1) Talk to yourself while you’re driving? I do...a lot. Use the voice memo app to record all those genius ideas. I always label the voice memos as I start it. Then it’s all a free flowing conversation with the empty chair next to me. Try hard to stay on topic, but let your stream of conciousness go where it wants.

I’ve found that two things happen when I record myself talking. First, I tend to be more focused in my ramblings. I work through many sides of the issues I’m thinking about. Second, I remember it better. Even without listening to the recording, I find that I can recall my thoughts better. I think it’s because I reframe the conversation to be two sided rather than me ranting to the air. (I know this all sound pretty psychotic, but you talk to yourself too)

2) Use the camera to capture inspiration. I’m on the road a lot. Sometimes I see things that spark a cool thought. Snapping a quick picture helps me recall the idea later. Many times, I’ll have forgotten about the picture until I go back through my photos at a much later date. But having that image helps me come back and flesh out the ideas.

3) Use the camera to capture the process. As I create new pieces of magic, I’ll shoot pictures of certain things. The set-up of the props. The view from the audience’s point of view. The view from my side. Occasionally, I’ll shoot video of of a specific moment in the trick that is important. When I set up for a show, I have that reference on my phone to double check that I have everything correct.

I keep files on many parts of my show. These pictures get filed with the scripts and other documents. Sometimes, the trick evolves with experience. I find it important to have the roots of it recorded for myself.