Feedback from an event

Dan recently wrote a blog post about how connecting with his client is important, and used me as an example because after I booked him, mid-performance, he gave me credit for the show. Immediately following his extraordinary performance, I couldn't even GET to him to thank him because people were so ecstatic about the show. On and on they went, and continue to do so via email, Facebook and phone. He blew minds, he captivated over 100 people all at the same time, and he absolutely blew us away.

My favorite part, personally, OTHER THAN THE FORK TRICK, I MEAN WHAT WAS THAT?, was how he not only connected with each table and each person at the table, but that he took the time to remember their names, to reach out to so many, and to recognize all us for what we're most passionate about. To pause mid-show to thank them for farming and feeding the world was HUGE. I could go on for days, but Andi and Dan, I wish you all the best, all the luck, and all the success; if anybody deserves it all, it's you two. - Naomi