I'm in the middle of putting together my talk for Ignite Cheyenne 4. The format of the event has forced me to focus my thoughts onto one small area. I only get 5 minutes. In reality, I could carry on about this topic for hours and hours, but I don't know that anyone besides me would find it interesting. Sadly, I won't be performing any pieces of magic for the talk (maybe afterward). 

The topic that I have decided on is very important to me as a performer. I believe that the audience (of any live performance) is at least partially responsible for their own experience. In live theater, we clap, laugh and moan at different lines. At music concerts we cheer and sing along. But all to often in magic we have people would work hard to solve the puzzle. They are fixed on the mindset of "Nope! He's not going to fool me!" But what if they were totally missing the point? What is the point of magic? 
I think that a solid moment of astonishment is good for the soul. Honestly. We know everything about everything, and if we don't know, we Google it. But what about the things that Google can't answer? What if there is more to life than knowing everything? Every once in a while, its healthy to brush the dust off of our imaginations, and feel what it's like to be a kid again. 
Magic lives on the edges of reality and possibility.  By attempting to categorize the events of a magic trick, and analyze the methods employed, we miss the boat entirely. When you watched Avatar, you didn't sit there the whole time saying "I don't think those blue guys are really real." Of course not. You were drawn into that world, and for a few moments (thanks to good 3D effects) even felt like you were there with them. Is it real? No. BUT it sure looked and felt real, so what's the difference? 

This concept is very true in magic. Is it real? No. But magicians have worked for centuries to make it appear real, so what's the difference? 
If you want to hear more, come out to Ignite Cheyenne 4. Tickets are FREE and available now at http://ignitecheyennewy4.eventbrite.com/

I'll see you there!