The trend began, as most do, overseas; first in the UK, then in Hong Kong, and now it’s gaining popularity in some of the larger cities in the United States. In fact, this unique service even claimed the 2012 “Best of Weddings” top vote on The Knot. You’re getting curious—we can tell!—so we won’t keep you in suspense any longer. What is this trend, you ask? Hiring a magician for your wedding reception!

Now, before you roll your eyes and click out of the screen (“Magician? At my WEDDING? Yeah, no thanks”), let us assure you: We’re not talking about your crazy Uncle Charlie who has been pulling quarters from behind your ear since you were a kid. We’re not talking balloon animals and some random guy in a top hat with rabbits. We are talking a legitimate, pro-level magician, skilled not only in the art of inspiring awe but also at mingling with your guests. We’re talking about a magician who knows how to provide everyone with an experience that will solidify your big day in their memories forever… and has a few extra tricks up his sleeve, too.

The advantages of hiring a professional magician are countless! As we usher out the age of Bridezilla/Groomzilla, couples often are looking for ways to ensure their guests are entertained and well taken care of at the reception. A magician brings a highly interactive, thought- and conversation-provoking experience, fueling discussion that bridges generational and familial gaps for the entire evening. (After all, you can only discuss how you know the bride and/or groom so many times before going absolutely bonkers!) Rather than awkward silence, you are sure to overhear conversations like, “How in the WORLD did he know the name of my high school best friend!?” “How did my card end up in YOUR hand?!” and “Dude, I CHECKED the fork! He totally defied the laws of physics!”

On a more practical level, a magician helps smooth over any unexpected delays or lags in the flow of your big day. Despite the hours and hours of meticulous planning every bride or wedding planner pours into the wedding, life still happens: The photos take longer than expected. The caterers are running behind schedule. One of the groomsmen can’t be found. No matter the delay, an experienced magician will be able to step in, take good care of your guests and divert their attention while the problem is fixed. More often than not, your guests won’t even be aware that there is a problem brewing behind the scenes; they’ll be too busy marveling at the magician’s ability to read Grandma’s Dorothy’s mind, or envying his insane card-shuffling abilities.

Perhaps best of all, a magician is a highly adaptable form of entertainment. There is no need worry about a magician competing with other forms of entertainment such as a DJ or band; rather, he complements them! In fact, a quality magician will sit down for a consultation before the big day to make sure you are going to get exactly what YOU want out of his services—whether that is creating a memorable transition into the toasts by doing a trick with the bride and groom for the whole group, or enhancing other parts of your wedding weekend. (Think of the possibilities; bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, entertaining the wedding party and family members during pre-wedding pictures, etc.).

A magician at your wedding is unique, classy, and memorable... just like you! A perfect fit for your perfect day.