Everyone has to nerd-out sometimes. Me? I’m a magician.

I spent this weekend at the best magic convention in the USA - Magic In The Rockies (MITR) in beautiful Fort Collins, CO. This was the 19th Annual, and my third year attending.

This year’s headliners included a living legend of magic, Johnny Thompson, one of the top sleight-of-hand artists on the planet, Armando Lucero, along with some of the brilliant young talented guys like Garrett Thomas, Christian Engblom and Paul Vigil. Rounding out the headliners were the hilarious Steven Bargatze, Stan Allen, Paul Draper, Jason England, Diamond Jim Tyler, R. Paul Wilson, Eric Mead and Doc Eason. There was a full room of dealers where you could find everything from simple pieces of magic to very high-end handmade secrets. Books, DVD, Tricks and Props were everywhere with knowledgeable magicians demoing and teaching the finer points of the merchandise.
Here is the part that makes MITR so special: I was able to spent quality time with many of the guys listed above. The Prestidigitators (I.B.M. Ring 250) make sure that the headliners are around all weekend so that they are available for the rest of the magicians can hangout with them. I got to spent well over an hour chatting with Armando Lucero about magic theory and philosophy, and learned a brilliant little tip from Eric Mead. I got to sit in on John Thompson, R.Paul Wilson and Paul Vigil swapping tricks. This is where the true art of magic passed down to the next generations, in the quiet corners with drinks and cards in hand.
If you’re looking for the best magic convention in the USA, be sure not to miss next year’s Magic In The Rockies!