One of the basic functions of my job is to make the person who booked me look good.

After a recent show, I was chatting with the young woman who had booked me to perform for her event. The show was my full (60 minute) mindreading stage show. She had a grin pasted to face as I asked how she felt about the evening. It was hard to get a full answer out of her, because she was constantly being thanked for putting together such a fun evening.

During the performance, I had called her out by name to thank her for bringing me in. She was embarrassed a bit, but I feel it’s important to give the credit where credit is due.

Why is this so important? From a business perspective, my goal is to build long term clients. If they like you, they will book you for more events in the future. This relationship extends way beyond just putting a show on a stage. I have clients who call me for all sized events to entertain on stage or in close-up. They also pick my brain for event planning ideas, other entertainment options and so on. People like to work with performers that they can trust.