The following is a semi-true story. 

I didn't get into magic as a kid. When I was 11 years-old I told myself how to juggle. From then on I was a juggler. There is a difference between knowing how to or being able to and being a juggler. I live, breathed, slept and occasionally ate juggling. (So far, its all true)
When I was in college, I was working a store in the Mall of America called Air Traffic. They sell high-end strategy games, stunt kites and juggling gear. I was 20 and a resident juggler. That was a great job. The manager at the time was the number 3 yoyoer in the world. Doc Pop (as he was known) taught me all sorts of cool tricks with a yoyo. Yes, I can still do them.  
 Around the corner from Air Traffic was a costume shop called the Fun Shop. It carried all the standard items, from creepy to sexy. In the back corner of the Fun Shop they had a small magic counter, run by a real magician. I knew him simply as John. I could watch John for hours. John Deems (I only found out his name when I heard that he passed away last year) was a retired mafia card cheat. He spent most of his life at a card table. John sold me my first book of magic, Card College Volume 2 by Roberto Giobbi. John also steered me away from all the gimmicks and contraptions of magic toward the sleight of hand heavy material. He argued that with these fundamental techniques, I'd be able to perform wonders. He was right. One of the very first pieces of card magic he taught me I still perform today (10 years later). 

 As I dove deeper in magic, I became a magician. I moved from being a juggler to being a magician. 

The sense of mystery that comes with magic is the stuff of dreams. Truly, if I can dream it up, magic can make it happen. Bringing real magic to my audiences is what makes me tick. Seeing the look in someone's eyes as I read their thoughts. Hearing an audible gasp as the fork melts in their hand, and knowing that people tell their friends about it. That's where magic comes from. The interplay between me, The Magician, and them, My Guests on the journey. 

I know this is crazy, but I firmly believe in magic. I hope you still do to.