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Magician Daniel Jaspersen debuts “Tangible,” a non-traditional magic performance, November 2-3 in Cheyenne.


CHEYENNE - Magician Daniel Jaspersen will debut “Tangible,” a non-traditional close-up magic show, at Cheyenne’s Paramount Café on Friday, November 2, with an encore performance Saturday, November 3.


Have you ever been close enough to magic that could feel it? When was the last time you heard a magician say, “You’re going to see it happen”? One local magician plans to defy convention… and challenge his audiences’ senses while he’s at it.


In his all-new close-up show, Jaspersen creates a robust experience for his guests by engaging the five senses. Audience members will not only be seated very close by as he performs, but will also be actively involved with the show. Participants will not simply see the magic; they’ll smell, hear and feel it, too.


“This isn’t a traditional ‘magic’ show,” Jaspersen promises. “No rabbits from hats or sawing ladies in half.  I like working with people directly and letting them be part of the performance. ‘Tangible’ is an invitation to get your hands dirty, to dig right into the magic.”


Prepare your senses to venture beyond the mind of mentalist Daniel Jaspersen and into something… Tangible.


Tickets cost $10 and are on sale now at the Paramount Cafe. Not recommended for children under the age of 13.


About Daniel Jaspersen

Daniel Jaspersen is professional magician for more than a decade who has specialized in mentalism . In addition to magic, he has been a guest lecturer for collegiate-level psychology courses and performed for TEDxCSU in Fort Collins, CO. His clients have included Colorado State University, The National 4-H Round-Up and the Wyoming Wildlife Heritage Foundation. Based in the front range of the Rocky Mountains, Jaspersen brings a smooth blend of deft magic, mind-opening psychological feats and intelligent entertainment to his performances. Learn more about him at www.MagicianAtPlay.com, Facebook Magician@Play and Twitter @MagicianAtPlay