Stop. Stop working. Stop worrying about your day. Stop thinking about what to make for dinner. Stop and enjoy the world for a moment. Please.

Because I work in magic, I am surrounded by secret methods, discussions about performance ideas and studies of crazy sleight of hand concepts. Its easy to forget about magic. You see, what I experience is dramatically different from what my audiences experience during a show. Sometimes I forget to make the magic real.

We all make this little mistake. We all forget how amazing life can be. We all forget the first time we experienced rain (or Sunsets or Snow or Skittles or Flying or Whatever)

This little girl is experiencing rain for the first time. It’s magical. Early in the video, you can see a nervous look on her face, “What is this?” But later, she has the biggest grin possible. May you find a bit of new rain in your life today.

(Lately I haven’t had many great blog topic ideas. Then I saw this video of this little girl experiencing the magic of rain for the first time. I remembered why I love magic so much)