Daniel Jaspersen Magician@Play

What they're saying about Magician@Play

"Dan Jaspersen is way beyond parlor tricks. His mentalism is at the same time convincing and astonishing. Dan takes his work very seriously. His dedication and preparation is evident in his show and his illusions come off brilliantly. Dan is one-of-a-kind and your guests won't be disappointed!"

Bethany Lutheran College

"I think I am officially annoying people now by telling anyone who will listen how extraordinary you and your show were and how riveted everyone was throughout."

David McElroy, CEO of Arch Insurance

"I've worked with Dan several times for a variety of different events and he is always a spectacular and professional performer. I've never been disappointed by any of the shows, and he has been a joy to work with -- flexible, easy-going and incredibly fun! "

Laramie County Library

"We were so glad we booked Magician@Play for our event. You are very personable and the crowd felt so comfortable interacting with you. You definitely exceeded our expectations and are very talented. Really!
Everyone had so much fun and you added the perfect element to our event. We would definitely book you again!!! THANK YOU, DAN!
Dan was excellent to work with for our corporate event. He is a true professional and everyone loved him! His performance, professionalism, and efforts definitely exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic magician, mentalist and/or stage show for their next event. He is incredibly talented and will not disappoint! Thanks, Dan for helping make our event a huge success! "

Fremont Motors

"Table-to-table and person-to-person, crowd to individual and back, you're great at making people feel valuable."

Naomi Berg, Colorado Young Farmers Education Association

"It tremendously added to the entire event."

Natrona County School District

"You know what's creepy? When you meet a magician, or go to a magician's show, and they OOZE that scary, car-dealer-on-a-mission slime. Thank everything Dan (Magician@Play) isn't that guy. In fact, the first time you meet Dan, you're immediately drawn in by how down-to-Earth, friendly and engaging he is—all traits that follow him straight into his performance. Having seen Dan perform multiple times, at a variety of venues, I'm STILL amazed at the things he does. (Ask him about "the fork thing." No matter how many times you see it, IT IS STILL AMAZING.) Dan brings a new element of "Whoa!" to the magical realm, combining mentalism and magic to a flawless final effect."

Ashley - Private Event

"You come alive whenever you perform. It's like you transform into an even higher being. You have a very special gift and it is awesome to watch."

Juwon Melvin - Lifesoap

"I was familiar with Dan's capability and I was thrilled to add him to our "attractions" list for our party. He added an element of entertainment that was fun, surprising and unique to an otherwise doldrum gathering. I was confident that his performance would be well received by party guests but I didn't anticipate the number of comments about how much guests really appreciated and how pleasantly surprised guests were by his presence and entertainment!
It was super easy to work with Dan! He's very professional and flexible, not needy or at all demanding. I greatly appreciated his suggestions and ideas for making our entire event successful and how to best incorporate him into our evening. "

Cheyenne Radiology Group

"To put it in terms of what I hear all around Dan when he is working one of my events... WOW, that IS AWESOME! And, honestly, he is awesome. Magician@Play is fantastic to work with, from their very organized and detail oriented pre-event work, through the amazing performance and flexibility at the event, to the professional follow-up post-event, Dan and his team are nothing short of AWESOME! In fact, Dan has now been requested year after year by several of my events and he always delivers a new, fresh, and crowd pleasing performance. Thank you, Dan, for making all my events memorable."

Tula Event Productions at 4H Western National Round-Up