Daniel Jaspersen Magician@Play

Beyond Reason Tangible Mingling Wedding Custom Presentations


  • Close-Up Magic & Mentalism
  • Perfect for 15-75 Guests
  • Highly Audience Interactive
  • Run Time: 70 minutes


  • After Dinner
  • House Parties
  • Hospitality Suites

Tangible: Magic You Can Dig Into

Magic should be truly experienced by the spectator - encountered with all his or her senses. Magician@Play designed this close-up show to be thrust into the hands and minds of the audience. Filled with magic from start to finish, Daniel employs a deft blend of sleight-of-hand and breathtaking mentalism that will leave all your faculties reeling.

This small-stage show, ideal for smaller to medium group sizes, weaves magic and mentalism together into a seamless 70-minute presentation. The audience will be thrilled with the close-encounter of the magical kind, actively participating in the show and watching the effects with unbelieving eyes. Tangible is perfect in a variety of settings, including private house parties, hotel hospitality suites, and after-dinner entertainment. Treat your guests to a show they will never forget - host Tangible: Magic You Can Dig Into at your next event!

- Guest at Private Event