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About Daniel Jaspersen
Daniel Jaspersen was trained by a con artist. For real. In the course of that mentoring, Jaspersen swore to only use his powers for good. However, one thing remains true, you cannot trust Dan. Dan lies. Keep that in mind.

Thanks to his uniquely blended background in magic, linguistics, psychology, juggling, traditional and experimental theatre, Dan transcends the traditional definition of “magician.” His genuine passion and appreciation for creating powerful magic resonates with a variety of audiences, earning him standing ovations everywhere from international festivals in Japan and Brazil, to Fortune 500 Companies, to universities around the country and various TEDx events.

It’s that same passion and appreciation that keep Dan in high demand. When he’s not inspiring a packed room’s worth of “How did he DO that?”-s and “WHOA!”-s, he’s leading workshops for professionals on the topics of the creative process and finding inspiration… oh, and waking up at four a.m., just for fun, to practice and refine new tricks. (A true magician’s work is never done, after all.)