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Beyond Reason

Magician@Play's Show Options

BEYOND REASON: Tapping the Human Potential

A full stage mentalism experience which raises the question, "What exactly are we humans capable of?" Featuring demonstrations of psychological influence, feats of memory, direct mind-reading and more, Beyond Reason leaves its audiences stunned. This highly interactive show is best suited for keynote presentations, schools, universities and banquets.
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Keeper of Secrets

Keeper of Secrets

This close-up magic show is a feast for the senses. Witness the full array of Daniel's skills as he mixes deft sleight-of-hand and potent mind-reading techiques. Perfect for a house party, hospitality suite and small company meetings.
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MINGLING: Roaming Close-Up Magic

Bring the magic to your guests. As Daniel mingles through your event, attendees get to select the cards, have their thoughts read and be an active part of the magic. Your guests will be talking about the experience all night long. This is our most popular service! Great for any type of event including weddings, banquets and cocktail hours.
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Custom Presenations

CUSTOM PRESENTATION: Setting Your Message To Magic

Venture beyond the performance. Magician@Play combines his diverse skill-sets and knowledge of creative theory, storytelling and psychology to give your group a workshop they'll never forget. As a life-long student of creativity and psychology, Daniel brings a unique view to the training room, stage or convention.
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WEDDINGS: Classy. Unique. Memorable. Just like you.

Infuse your wedding reception with an element of magic. Your guests will have plenty to talk about as Daniel mingles through your reception. Add an extra touch of class to your big day. Ask about our special wedding pricing!
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