Andi Jaspersen Designs: Graphic | Event | Creative

Maybe you are a small business seeking a promotions bundle with fresh logo, unique business cards and eye-catching brochures or perhaps you are a longer-established organization looking to bring the WOW to an event environment through everything from invites to decor. Whoever you are, Andi Jaspersen Designs can help with your visual voice!
Building on years of experience in both graphic design and event planning, Andi has fine-tuned her keen sense of style to go hand-in-hand with her client-relations skills. She has a knack for listening to and cooperating with her clients in order to customize designs specifically to their needs, creating content that will turn heads. So whether you seek handcrafted favors, individualized stationary or just have a vague concept waiting to be developed, Andi Jaspersen Designs will help YOU bring these to life and leave you with a smile!

Logo Development

Seen as the visual foundation of any business, a solid logo is essential. Andi pours her heart into customizing a logo to fit the needs and feel of each organization, event, and person she partners with to ensure the final designs are exactly what the client needs. Each design goes through multiple rounds of edits of fine-tuning until everyone is satisfied.
As a result, in addition to the restaurants, art exhibits, film festivals, and bands that have used her work around the world, she has been hired year after year by the National 4-H Roundup planners, designing logos for both the Western National Roundup, Colorado’s Leadership Development Conference, and the Colorado State Conference.Printed on all promotional materials, event swag, and large-scale signs, the designs were central to each event - one design was even published for a statewide campaign and was seen for a full yearon billboards, busses, and trains all over Colorado! 

Marketing Materials

Building upon both her own designs and preexisting logos, Andi creates marketing materials that really pop: large-scale banners, show posters, social media graphics, mailers, brochures, and promotional fliers. You can rest assured you will walk away with the pieces you need to promote your business, event, or product!
Andi's passion for the arts has frequently been reflected in her clientele - she has designed for a number of theatrical production companies across the country, as well as collaborated with several magicians to promote and market their entertainment. Not limited to the arts, however, she has crafted designs for insurance franchises, nutrition companies, and scholarship fundraisers, just to name a few. 

Business Bundles

Don't have a dedicated designer on staff? Let Andi help you meet your needs. Coordinating business cards, brochures, letterhead, spreadsheet design and envelopes can give even the smallest businesses the edge against larger competitors. These tools show clients you are committed to professionalism – in addition to tying a beautiful visual to your business. Andi has helped many small businesses get their dreams off the ground, with one or more of these products designed just for them.

Creative Designs

On several occasions, Andi has been asked to make customized products for her clients. This is where imagination excels as media and format begin to mish-mash!
On the simpler end, Andi custom-designs birthday invitations. She has also designed for brides. Ensure that your wedding is completely unique by ordering wedding stationary bundles that include coordinating save the date cards, invitations, envelopes, reception invitations, reply cards, programs, and thank you notes. More complex projects have included handcrafted, Victorian-themed invitations for a tea party, mixing various paper media and accents - each completely unique from the others.

Andi has created and sold frame-ready origami-based designs both in America and Japan. Basically, if you can dream it up, Andi is willing to consult and work with you to create it!
Curious to know more about other creative endeavors Andi is working on? Check out her Etsy shop, Sparrows' Worth!