Customized Presentations

Your message with his methods

Creative Partners.

Before your event, let's meet and discuss how your presentation can pop to life. Slideshows are fine, but what if your CEO could read an employee's mind? Long winded speeches happen, but what if the whole room was involved? Together, we can dig through the options to find the best method to make your message stick.

Branding & Messaging

Daniel and Andi have an extensive backgrounds in branding, marketing, and communication. Imagine rolling out your new campaign with a surprising twist, a magician brings it to life. Magic is powerful and flexible enough to make your message pop for your target audience. 

Custom Presentation Technical Details

By the nature of this type of project, we don't know exactly what we'll need yet. We will work out these details together as we meet with your team to prepare a great package. 

A few things to consider as you decide to partner with us: 
• Both Daniel and Andi have professional experience in event design and marketing strategy. 
• Daniel is an accomplished linguist. He is conversational in Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. With sufficient lead time, he would be able to learn the basics of any language prior to an event.
• Andi is a proficient actress and theater designer. 
• Before getting into magic, Daniel was a performing juggler and actor. 
• Andi is an gallery shown photographer and graphic designer. 

Consider the possibilities of partnering with a couple who makes magic and explores wonder everyday. We are more than magicians, we are storytellers.