Out & About for the Business Setting

The Out To Lunch principle is an old, simple concept which make hundreds of different types of tricks possible. In this video, we'll focus on the basics, and two tricks suitable for a business environment. The instructions are geared toward someone who is just beginning magic and wants to learn a few things to incorporate into meetings with their clients or others with whom they interact with at work. 

• An overview of the props and options for set-up
• A basic trick is used to teach the core method
• Add A Number as facilitated by Out To Lunch
• Magic Square for the small casual setting
• Concepts for business relatedscripts are demonstrated throughout

Total Duration: 43 minutes

Want to learn more magic?
The Covid Series features a good handful of tricks which you can do with items from around your house. This series was the first thing Dan created once the shuts downs of Covid begin in early 2020. He figured since everyone was stuck at home (with their kids) they should learn a little magic. So he got to work and made some videos for you. 

It's totally free. Enjoy! 

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