Stage, Close-Up, Virtual - whatever you need

You have an event to plan.  
Let's check ENTERTAINMENT off your to-do list.  

Daniel Jaspersen is a smart, funny, and experienced performer
commanding stages for 10-2000+ guests.
Magician Daniel Jaspersen during a mentalism stage performance for TEDx in Loveland, Colorado

Reinvent what your guests imagine when they hear the word magic.

Mentalist Daniel Jaspersen provides highly engaging and thought-provoking entertainment for today’s professional adult audiences.
Mind-reading? Check.
Metal-bending. You got it.
An unforgettable evening that leaves you looking like the ultimate event planner? Absolutely.
Daniel’s smart but light-hearted performance style is not your Uncle Chuck’s magic.
He doesn’t do silk flowers or top hats either.

This is magic for intelligent audiences ready to engage their imaginations. 

Magician@Play provides pro-grade entertainment for audiences that think. 
Mentalist Daniel Jaspersen during a stage magic performance in Minnesota
Stage Shows for groups from 100 - 2000+
Mingling to infuse close-up magic into your cocktail hour
Customized Presentations to communicate your message magically. 

Clientele Includes

Booking entertainment you know your party will love can be challenging. We’re experts at creating a buzz during events that your audience will rave about for a long time.

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