5 Fresh Way to Use a Magician 

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Why should we think about magic differently?

Magic is hot right now. Penn & Teller Fool Us is filming another season. America’s Got Talent has been won by magicians twice in the last few years. Britain's Got Talent was also won a magician last season. The top rated show in San Francisco is magic. Derren Brown’s show Secret was one of the hottest tickets on Broadway. There are several touring shows and magic theatres popping up around the country.

Unlike most hypnotists, comedians, and other performers, good magicians can work with you to customize tricks, themes, and messaging to fit your events. Add this richly engaging splash of entertainment to your next event. 

Daniel Jaspersen mingling at fundraiser event in Fort Collins

5 Fresh uses for magicians

As we dig into the 2020 Season, consider a few unique ways to infuse your events with magic. 

1. Hospitality Suite

You’re at a large conference courting a select few potential clients. After a long day of sessions, workshops, and meetings you plan to host as many of these busy business people as you can in a hospitality suite. You’ve ordered the horderves and drinks, but what else? 

One of the major strengths of a good magician is their ability to entertain people in very small groups. So while you’re mingling with some of the decision makers, others can be relaxing around the table having an incredible shared experience that you provided. Adding an experienced close-up magician to your hospitality suite frees you up to take your time with the conversations you need to have. 

In the end, you’ll have new clients with outstanding memories they’ll tell their colleagues about. That’s important, because we all know that word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing. 

Daniel Jaspersen, Trade Show Magician in Denver

2. Tradeshow

Fun Fact: According to a 2017 study, second only to product demos, magicians are the most reliable way to stop traffic at a tradeshow booth. 

If you’ve ever worked a tradeshow, you understand that the days are long and it’s a grind to get people to stop and pay attention to your product. How can you get the most out of your investment into that booth space (ROI)?

Magicians know how to get people to stop, engage, and deliver a message. Working directly with an experienced performer before the convention to develop customized scripts and presentations can super-charge the traffic at your booth. Step up your game and invest in a service that will attract contacts into your space. 

Daniel Jaspersen on stage with guest at Canvas Credit Union event in Denver

3. Sneak In a Message from Stage

Here is the What If: 

What if your CEO could read someone’s mind? 


What if you have a new initiative to launch? 

Stage Magicians and Mentalists have pieces of magic they can customize to help deliver messages in wonderfully surprising ways. Sure, book a magician to entertain your team for 30 minutes during your annual training session, but don’t stop at entertainment. Spend some time crafting a strategic message with the performer. Your team will have fun and your message will stick better. 

Daniel Jaspersen, Mingling at Corporate Event

4. Mingling Magic

This is a classic, but worth adding to this list. A good mingling magician can enhance cocktail hour at ANY event. No other category of performer (comedian, juggler, musician, etc) can entertain as intimately as a close-up magician. He can help break the ice in a room, create a buzz, and serve as a special treat for your guests. 

Before the event, have a good conversation with the performer to discuss the theme, types of people who will be attending, and goals of the event. Dig through their website to ensure that they’re going to bring the right level of classiness you need to maintain your theme. 

Daniel Jaspersen at Hospitality Suite in Loveland

5. Give out prizes

Giving away Gift Cards or Cash at your event? Honestly, prize time at events can be very boring for the 90% of guests who don’t win. 

Every decent close-up magician knows a few solid tricks with money. Imagine supplying him with 10 envelopes filled with prizes and unleashing him to mingle through the room. Magicians understand how to playfully build tension and surprise guests with astonishing moments. Magicians dream of being able to turn $1 into $100 and give it away, so do your guests.

Full Group Trick for Colorado State Uni Team by Daniel Jaspersen

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