Stage Performance

Powerfully Engaging Entertainment

Smart, Funny, and Memorable

Your group deserves great entertainment. Daniel has engaged audiences of all type and sizes. Have confidence knowing that you booked a show everyone will talk about. Our mentalism show features your guests thoughts, choices, and secrets.
In fact, because every group is unique, every show is different.

100 - 1000+

"What's the biggest group you've performed for Dan?"

I had 2500 in an arena. That show ended in a loud standing ovation. There is a shot from that performance on my homepage. 

Stage Technical Details

Daniel is an efficient stage performer. Generally, he travels with a small suitcase of supplies. He'll arrive with everything needed to perform the magic side of the presentation. 

Types of Magic you can expect in a stage performance
• Mentalism & Mind Reading
• Audience Engagement 
• Body Language driven lie detection 

A few details we'll need to ensure that we fit your event. 
• Approximate Head Count of Guests
• Dress Attire
• Briefing on purpose of event
• Agenda for the event

Technical Items Generally Provided by Client
• Microphone & Sound System for groups over 70 attendees - our preference is a lavaliere or headset 
• RaisedStage - It is common for 4-5 guests to be on stage at one time during a performance 

Every event is unique and we'll do our best to understand your details and needs as we prepare to infuse magic. We will send a full technical rider upon booking. 

Mentalist Daniel Jaspersen performing at a college in Mankato Minnesota
Mentalist Daniel Jaspersen performing at a Holiday Party in Denver Colorado
Magician Daniel Jaspersen performing mentalism at Colorado State University
Mentalist Daniel Jaspersen performs on stage in Milwaukee Wisconsin