What our clients say

To put it in terms of what I hear all around Dan when he is working one of my events... WOW, that IS AWESOME! And, honestly, he is awesome.
Tula Event Productions

We like to let word-of-mouth do the work.

I have worked with Dan several times and he is magic at its best!  His ability to awe any size group with a laid back demeanor and detailed professionalism produces an experience that intrigues and mesmerizes guests of all ages.
• Steven Valenti
Owner of All Things Party

You come alive whenever you perform. It's like you transform into an even higher being. You have a very special gift and it is awesome to watch.
• Juwon Melvin 
CEO of Lifesoap

He. Is. Magic. 

Clientele Highlights

United States Air Force

Kohl's Corporation

Thrivent Financial

Harley Davidson Corporation

Hitachi Corporation

Colorado State University

Indiana University South Bend

Bethany Lutheran College

4-H Western National Roundup