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The Covid Series

We are all stuck at home.
Our kids are home from school.
We are working remotely.
Enjoy this extra time to pick up a new skill.
Learn a few new magic tricks. Share them with your family. 


The Jump:
This is a classic little thing with two rubber bands. I wanted to start with a trick that you (and your kids) could learn in just a couple minutes.  Grab two rubber bands and have some fun. 

The tricks get harder and better from here. Stick around. 

Ring Rise: 
I first learned this trick from Japanese American magician Cyril Takayama years ago. This is easily my favorite trick to teach. It's magical, easy, and playful. 

Find a broken rubber band and a ring (or paperclip). See how far you can make the ring go. 

Crazy Man's Handcuff: 
This is a classic. It's a great piece of magic. You'll need to practice this one several times before your fingers get it. Take your time. Go slow at first. 

Really work the illusion of rubber bands melting through each other. 

LEVEL UP: Have another person hold the rubber band that stays stationary. You do the dirty work, but they get to be part of it. 

The Cheese Stands Alone:
Dipping our toes into a prediction idea on this one. The props are simple, but the trick is strong. 

Make up batch and try this classic trick. Bet some jelly beans on your prediction. 

Challenge Trick - Linking Safety Pins:
I'm not going to teach this trick right away. I want you to work on it and see if you can figure out how it could be done. 

I'll post the tutorial in a couple days. Have fun! 

Card Concept One - Key Card:
Card magic needs a foundation of techniques to build upon. Key Card is the first of several methods I'll be presenting. This trick is easy to learn and a great first step. 

I'll be teaching a few more basic card techniques later. Learn them all. 

Do As I Do: 
Wash your hands and find another human to do this trick with. It uses the Key Card method demonstrated above. Learn that first. 

Caffeinated Card:
Learn two things in this trick, a very simple yet effective way to get someone to select a card you want, and a fun way to reveal that you predicted which card they would pick. 

Lift Shuffle: 
Introducing a card controlling shuffle. We can unlock all types of tricks with a few techniques like this one. Work hard. Feel free to ask me questions. 

Thanks for watching. 

Psycho Crayons:
Learn to see colors with your hands!
That's Crazy! 

More Tricks: Coming Soon

I'll be updating this page with more tricks soon.

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