Close Up Magic

Infusing wonder into your event

It happens in their hands.

From college freshman to powerful CEOs, Daniel has done magic within inches of their eyes. His casually confident demeanor and potent close up magic is perfect for breaking the ice and getting your group seeing wonder again. When you meet him, ask him to do the thing with the fork.
You won't regret it. 

Quick Story

Daniel was booked for swanky garden party last summer. The attendees didn't know that he was a magician, he looked like any other guest. Within the first few minutes of him starting to work, the whispers spread. Soon, everyone was inviting him into their conversations.

Close Up Magic Technical Details

Daniel is a very efficient close up performer. Generally, he travels with a small briefcase of supplies. You don't need to supply anything other than a safe place for him to stash that case during the event. When he starts working, everything he'll need to perform will be in his pockets. 

Types of Magic you can expect in a close up setting
• Mentalism & Mind Reading
• Card & Coin Magic
• Metal Bending
• Tricks with common items borrowed from guests such as smartphones, coins, and business cards

Prior to the event we'll need a few details to ensure that he fits your needs. 
• Approximate Head Count of Guests
• Dress Attire
• Briefing on purpose of event

Every event is unique and we'll do our best to understand your details and needs as we prepare to infuse magic. 

Magician Daniel Jaspersen performing close up magic in Denver, Colorado
Mentalist Daniel Jaspersen performing at Colorado State University in Fort Collins
Magician Daniel Jaspersen performing close up magic for Thrivent Event
Magician Daniel Jaspersen entertaining the bride at her wedding in Milwaukee Wisconsin